Responsible Casino Gaming At Spinago Casino

Spinago offers players a wide and high-quality selection of online entertainment. The administration cares about customers, so it provides recommendations for responsible online casino gaming.


Player protection is based on the prohibition of participation in the casino by persons under the age of 18, as well as the protection of gamblers’ privacy, which includes the secure storage and processing of the data provided.

Protection Against Gambling Addiction

Most users who spend their leisure time gambling online bet in moderation. Certain habits (such as shopping, sporting events, eating and drinking alcohol) that are considered social norms can cause addiction and attachment in some people. Spinago strongly recommends that players with signs of gambling addiction stop participating in casinos. If you observe changes in your gambling behavior, we recommend contacting the appropriate organizations for prompt and professional advice and support.

Gamer’s Personal Responsibility

The main principle of Spinago regarding the observance of the responsible gaming policy is that the final decisions on the necessity of continuation of gaming and the amount of contribution are made only by the player himself. Therefore, an effective prevention of gambling addiction is to follow the rules of responsible gambling and the user’s self-control over gambling propensities.

SpinaGo is aware of its responsibility to help customers make responsible decisions, so it provides a licensed and clear assortment and adheres to strict internal rules.

Responsible Attitude To Problems

The website offers a wide range of machines that are just forms of entertainment. Players who are addicted to gambling and have difficulty controlling risk and limits cannot take full advantage of our assortment and perceive it as entertainment. Spinago cares about our customers, and reserves the right to temporarily block access to games to ensure customer safety. Moderate gambling participation and control of financial capacity is perfectly acceptable. However, gambling participation is a serious gambling addiction problem for some people and needs to be addressed immediately.

What Is Problem Play Behavior

Problem gambling behavior is a type of behavior that causes harm to life, work, family, and health. Such people cannot gamble for long periods of time because it can lead to serious negative consequences.

Pathological gambling addiction was officially recognized as a psychological illness by the international classification system in 1980. It is defined as a constant, continuous and increasing addiction to gambling, independent of the negative circumstances that result, such as the breakup of the family, loss of property, slow career progression.

Signs Of Gaming Addiction

Only qualified professionals can diagnose addiction. Non-substance use addictions are especially difficult to identify because of the fine line between enjoyment and addiction. However, there are some signs that can help detect gambling addiction.

If at least five of the following symptoms are present, there is a high probability of gambling addiction:

The Rules Of Responsible Gambling

By adhering to the following rules, you will be able to play without harm to your mental health:

SpinaGo online casino encourages all gamblers to be responsible for gambling and to follow the stated rules. If necessary, you can contact support by emailing [email protected].

Gambling Counseling Organizations

GamCare is an institution that provides advice, guidance and practical help with social problems and the impact of gambling in the UK. Its confidential telephone line is 0845 6000 133.

Gamblers Anonymous is a community of men and women who have come together to overcome their own gambling addiction and help others do the same. There are regional communities all over the world.

Gambling Therapy provides support and counseling for anyone affected by gambling. Gambling Therapy team members operate internationally.